Opinions needed


Before i moved in with my boyfriend i was okay with him watching porn & playing games all day when we are apart.

Now i have married the guy and it is a complete disaster.

We made an agreement he wouldnt need porn anymore now that we live together.

He has told me he stopped well i found out today he watched porn every day. He also cares more about his video games more than anything, i ask him to clean and he half asses everything for he can play.

He refuses to buy his own car because we live with his parents so we use his dads because they never use it anyways.

Ive asked him about moving on our own (thinking this was going to be temporary) he wants to stay here basically untill his parents die because hes helping them with the rent.,,

I want a family eventually and to have my own place.

I also want to feel loved and like im good enough but his porn and game addiction make me feel like im a waste of space. And a bother to him.like if he doesn't need me...

Please anywords of advise are welcomed