Over it

Teneale • Never ttc again but we're ready for baby #2 😊
We've been ttc for 7.5 months, am coming to the end of our tww af due either 29th or 30th March and I'm just so sad. I'm not feeling it'll be our month and I don't know what else to do. It's a crushing feeling, almost like I'm drowning. SO, bless him, just doesn't understand I've felt so disconnected from him the last few weeks and feel so overwhelmed by all this. Ive really not even been imagining bfp this month and it's been a few days since I took folic acid and Metaformin. Plan next month is to stop tracking but I'm scared SO and I have been so tired and not bding unless we have to. Just needed to vent I'm sure everything will be gone, fir now my heart hurts I want our family to start so bad!! Baby dust to us all xoxo