Tips to get your guy in the mood!

My fiancé is always so tired from working a lot and we have seem to hit a point where we only have sex once or twice a month! 😩 ( and no we don't have kids!) I am the type of girl that could have sex multiple times a day! I know he masturbates sometimes which doesn't bug me a lot but common! Have sex with me instead! I've been hitting the gym, watching what I've been eating and try to get him in the mood sometimes...I'm also very self conscious about being on top because one time when I had an orgasm my vagina basically pushed his dick out mid movement and I hurt him🙈. So now I forget even how to move while I'm on top lmao! So I never really do it.. (any pointers?)

We have also tried different positions but I hate doggy because air gets all up in there 😳 that is his favourite position tho..

On a positive note he went and got me a toy but has yet to use it on me!

I guess I need to step my game up and maybe go get some sexy lingerie? Anyone have any ideas?

I don't mind giving him head but he always fucking farts like alll the time (not during sex) but fuck that I'm not going to suck your dick after you just farted or after your all sweaty from work 🤢

Before sex I tell him to shower or say let's go have a shower together because I get grossed out 🙈 is that bad??