Dreading appointment with dietician for gestational diabetes 😩


The last time I had appointment with dietician was due to my IBS I suffer few years from, she was very rude and told me that I should slow down with my weight etc. I lost 13 kilos before getting pregnant and I'm not obese but because I'm so small my bmi was always always over the usual amount.

Today at 30 weeks got news that I have gestational diabetes and she rang me to arrange appointment.

I'm dreading it as due to my IBS I can't eat things that you were supppse to eat during gestational diabetes plus again she will just slam me for putting 3 kilos since the 2months she has seen me. She literally makes me feel like I'm some woman out of extreme American obesisties tv shows !

This week has been so rough and tomorrow she will make me feel like the worst person ever!