I got my BFP!

My husband and I have been trying since Dec. '13 we found out April 7th '14 we were expecting. April 12th I started to spot. My count was dropping by that following Wed. Two months of healing and heartache we want to jump right in and try again. Month after month nothing. Had lab work done in Dec. '14 ovulation numbers were low but not too low. Keep trying.... Still nothing. This month we BD everyday, I work nights so if he had to come home during his lunch you bet your sweet bottom he did! We even tried preseed this month! The feeling of it was amazing! AF is suppose to be due Fri/Sat. Took a test yesterday morning and I didn't see anything. Took another when I got up before work, faint line. So I went and had lab work done. Thank you Baby Jesus! Here is my calander and BBT :) Good luck and baby dust to you ladies!!