Has anyone ever experienced this?


So I was talking to my mum just now and we were discussing marriage. The topic of divorce came up as my mum was saying appearances can be deceiving in relation to a happy marriage. I'm not exactly sure how but we side tracked to people divorcing after being married for years and having kids because their spouse turned out to be gay. I said that couldn't be too common (because I can't really understand someone marrying and having kids with someone they aren't even remotely attracted to). My mum said that I actually knew someone like that, but they weren't divorced. She didn't tell me who- but I guessed as I'd always known something was wrong with their marriage even as a young kid (I couldn't put my finger on it or really understood, but her parents relationship always seemed off and her dad was always so distant and so unlike my own)

Apparently, my childhood best friend's father is gay. His wife found out about 15yrs ago when my best friend and I were around 6. She started planning on leaving him, but that required her to save money and try to find the money he hid from her (she'd known about that issue before this). A couple years after she realized her husband was gay and cheating on her she ended up finding a new man and was planning on leaving with him. But then their family went through an incredibly horrible tragedy and she decided not to leave- she didn't want her kids to have more upheaval in their lives at that time. She's still with him, but they live separate lives in private and are only together publicly.

I was just so shocked to find out that this really happens. I always thought it was more of a myth or something that happens really rarely. I personally think this is just an awful story and I can't even believe what my friend's mum goes through. She's an amazing woman and always thinks of others. She really deserves someone that loves and cares for her- not someone that can't love her that way (nothing wrong with that- you can't help your sexuality and who you love, but to make someone think you love them is just cruel in my opinion). So I'm just wondering if the people on this app have had similar experiences or if I'm just one of the very few that happens to know someone like this (I hope it's uncommon- Id like to think it is at least as everyone deserves to love and be loved by someone that actually loves you in every way possible, it's so sad to think people get trapped in marriages like this and that people feel they need to hide who they are in this way).

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