Just need someone to relate and would love to hear your stories!

I'm at the end of my cycle and have not bled all day. Not a single drop of blood on the pad I wore this morning nor the tampon I wore as a precaution to a workout early this afternoon.

I had a second workout lined up at 8pm tonight and went without pad or tampon to the gym and worked out for 20 mins, I was sitting on a workout bench and felt that familiar sensation of blood. I stood up, looked at the bench and went oh fuck! There was a bit of blood on a bench in a busy gym filled with men.

No pads or tampons available, I hurried to grab a wipe and clean the bench, went to the bathroom and made do with toilet paper and rushed home only having done half the workout. I'm frustrated, cramping and embarrassed at the thought of anyone noticing. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

Boyfriend, being a boy is just not getting it and would love some similar stories to pick me up 🀞🏼😊