I dont think he wants to marry me

Before you sit there and tell me how i should have been more patient yes im aware of that now. My fiance and i been together 3 yrs engaged 9mths. We were meant to be married last may but car troubles caused us to postpone the wedding.

Now its like he cant be fucked even talking about getting married or eloping. I really nagged him to get engaged and believe i got a shut up ring and not an engagement ring.

Im now really feeling worse than before we got engaged. Here we are supposedly engaged, and absolutely no plans at all for our so called wedding. Id be happy eloping it doesnt bother me. We have no date set and he doesnt wanna set one because he says "its too much pressure if we cant get the money together by that date" but eloping costs $350 and i already have the dress.

Family and friends are asking us when are we getting married and its getting to the point i feel like we arent actually engaged and he only gave me the ring to shut me up because i was always asking him to put a ring on it.... it feels terrible.