I freaking hate my SO's mother. She's a drunk and a bitch!! She's rude as hell!! Don't call me and tell me i gotta do something.I'm not your son I don't jump when mommy says how high.... Think again bitch! She's wants me to take care of her mother. This is the third time in a row she's asked let me explain she moved her mother from a state that gave her free healthcare and house cleaning not to mention all her other family is there. So you take her to a place that will not give her free healthcare there's no one to clean her house for free and she leaves her at a old folks apartment 6 days a week by her self and she maybe just maybe might come for dinner and get her hair done, grocery shopping and laundry if she's lucky on a Saturday if my mother in law isn't busy....when she's off 3 days a week. Now she's wants me to do it...and not even ask just say I need a favor and the answer needs to be yes......honey please....sorry guys I needed this rant.