Light Workout at 3 weeks PP?


So, long story short I'm a gym junkie. I didn't really work out while I was pregnant because of being high risk in my 1st trimester from recurrent miscarriages then only did 2 miles walks, stairs, and some squats in my last trimester. But when I had my daughter I had a second degree tear and 10-15 stitches internally and I'm afraid to workout cause I don't want to reopen them!

What I'm asking is, do you think it'd be safe to do a light workout? I'm going stir crazy and actually getting jealous of my husband when he goes to the gym twice a day. 😭 I wouldn't do anything crazy! Maybe some crunches, light yoga, and some squats? I wouldn't do any weights or anything but I need to do something. 😓 I feel like I'm losing myself!