Have an female had a ectopic pregnancy?

Dec 1 2014 my monthly came on an didn't got off til the 6 so my boyfriend an I was have sex or w/e so when January 2 2015 came I waited to my monthly an there was nothing then the 5thetc nothing I didn't want to take a pregnancy test because it always says negative so Jan 13/2015 like 2a.m. all of sudden my stomach was in so much pain like a knife was being pulled all in my stomach so I went to the hospital they asked am I pregnant I told them I'm not sure etc I took a pee test sorry tmi I had to wait like30 min so I went in a room change clothes I was told I was pregnant I was so happy then I had to take ultra sound vagina test so I was pulled back in my room an I was told I was having a ectopic pregnancy I was 7 weeks even tho it was only an embryo it was a baby I wanted if I do get pregnant again I hope I don't have to go throw that again I had to have surgery an have my fallipon tube remove so weeks later my bf sister came over she asked did I want to hold her baby what she had for like some months I told her um OK so my bf gets mad at me cause I don't want hold her baby