To Much Stress Can Be Bad (sorry a little long)

To all of the amazing women on here :)
I know you have heard it said time and time again...."Over stressing isn't good for you especially if you are trying to conceive.." We have all heard it but we still all over stress. I will admit I have. There is no shame in stressing, a little stress can be healthy according to the American Psychological Association. Studies have shown that a healthy stress limit can help you focus, keep you motivated, help your immune system, and even help you recall memories (which for me is a plus!) It all has to do with the stress hormone cortisol, but here is the thing an over production of this hormone is dangerous for your body both physically and mentally. According to an article in APA a chronic production of cortisol can cause our menstrual cycles to become irregular or even absent. Which can in turn make ovulation hard to pin point. You can also make PMS worse which women who are trying to conceive might misinterpret as pregnancy symptoms. Chronic stress production in men can cause lower levels of testosterone and sperm production along with possible ED issues. 
So basically what I'm trying to say is we need to step back and evaluate our situations in life. Are we over stressing on things we can not control. I know it is harder to do than to say. Like most women when I see that BFN I get disappointed but then I remind myself that it's another month of having amazing sex( sorry if that was TMI) and also more time to get connected to my husband. For soon to be first time parents that is an important factor when you both are on 1hr of sleep and don't know what the world outside looks like (that's how it was for me and my first). 
I wish everyone all the luck in the world! And remember it's ok to sit outside with your favorite non alcoholic drink and take in all the beauty of life!
Here is the info on what chronic stress can do to each body system... center/stress-body.aspx