To tell or not to tell?

Calla • Married Aug 2014. TTC since Jan 2015. Type 1 Diabetic. IUI in July 2016 got us pregnant with twins! 👶🏼👶🏼 Due 4/20/17
I'm 2 days late and have yet to take a preggers test. I'm kinda afraid, and with the amount of stuff going on (we're trying to close on a house!) I don't wanna tell my hubby right now either. I stopped BC in Jan but we both thought it would take a lot longer than this! 
Yesterday, he joked and said 'get away with your period butt'. I laughed and said, 'nope not yet!' He knows my cycles almost better than me. Should I lie and said it came the next time he mentions it to make it a real surprise? Or do I let him wait there with me when I take the test?
How did you tell your husband/significant other? Or did they just figure it out on their own?
I'm going to buy a test tonight... But wondering if I should hide it or tell my hubby.