Messed up cycles after miscarriage.

I would just like to know if anybody has had a similar experience and could put my mind at rest a little as I suffer with health anxiety & am feeling very stressed lately about my whole situation. Thanks in advance :)
I had a natural miscarriage early jan and got my 1st period 32 days later, all seemed fine and I assumed my body was back to normal but then on cycle day 16 I started spotting for 10 days then spotting again for 2 days on cycle day 28. I'm now on day 47 with no sign of a period or any signs of ovulation, I usually have a 29 day cycle. I went to the Drs today and I've got to wait until the 13th of April for a blood test and around 6 weeks for a scan. I'm really worried something is wrong and my dr never seems to say the right things to put my mind at rest, instead I end up leaving in a state of panic.