Lucky to be Alive-TMI picture

Hi everyone. I can't even begin to describe how humble I am to be alive today.  I went in for my 6 week ultrasound and they found a huge mass. I had been in pain for about a week. They determined that the pregnancy was not progressing properly and had to put my needs before the baby. I went in for emergency surgery last night so that they could remove the mass. Turns out my pregnancy was ectopic and my left Fallopian tube ruptured and I have been bleeding internally.  They said if the mass wasn't as big as it was it could have been fatal....the mass was my baby, and now I know my baby saved my life. I would joke and say I am growing a devil from all the pain I had when in fact I had an angel. The pictures below are what they saw when they opened me up, filled with blood. The top pictures were all the blood they found when they opened me. The bottom right is my healthy right ovary and Fallopian tube.  The second set of pictures is my damaged left Fallopian tube that ruptured. The very last picture on the right is how much blood they cleaned out of me.  Ectopic pregnancies are serious and as much as I wanted to be a mother, this experience has been a life/game changer.  I lost a lot of blood. I also had a D&C to remove a second sac from my uterus. I just don't know how this happened.