SO's Mother (long rant)

Erin • In love with the most amazing man in the world 10.20.12 ❤️
So my SO and I have been together for 3 years we are 19 and have our own jobs pay our own bills but we still live at home. My SO has a twin sister who was allowed to go to the beach 9 hours away with her boyfriend and friends no one knows for a week. When my SO and I brought up is going on a vacation she flipped shit she said no and now she's only letting us go camping 1 hour away with his sister and her boyfriend and we all have to share a tent. To top it off she was asking me about my benefits I get from work and I said short term disability and she asked what it was for and I responded by saying I need it because way in the future when Devin(my SO) and I have children I need it because my job doesn't offer maternity leave and now she thinks my SO and I are trying to have kids and thinks that I'm trying to trick him into getting me pregnant which is not the case im on the pill and we don't want kids for at least 3 more years and when we move out. I'm sorry but she is a total bitch my SO is 19 years old and he has to get the okay from his mom just for him to go to the store or come over my house. I'm pissed. If you have any advice im listening lol.