Miscarriage 4 days ago...in horrible pain PLEASE READ

Tmi sorry.... I had a m/c on the 22nd I was 7.5 weeks and I had all the bleeding with severe severeee contractions every 2 mins. I finally passed a bag and the placenta that was torn not whole. Well I had bad pains after for a little while then I was fine the rest of the day just normal period. Then every day after that through yesterday Ive had mild contractions still every 2 mins lasting 35 secs. The ER doc refused to give me a sono and d&c because he said since I was 7.5 wks along it will pass naturally. Well today I was fine until an hour or two ago the contractions started AGAIN this time worse! Extreme lower back pain along with the cramps every 2 minutes lasting a minute. I just don't feel my body will pass everything on its own that's why I'm having the pain. Ive been taking Tylenol 3 and Tramadol and no relief. Should I go to a different hospital to get a d&c? What's your experiences similar to mine and what did you do?