Long period cycles suck

Katie • Stay at home mommy as of 6/30/16!!!
So my body is differnt but nothing wrong. Back in the day when I started my period they were heavy with cramps so bad to the point where I leave work sick! That's when my doctor put me on birth control and things cleared up with my period and it was great to only have a period for a few days . But since 2007 I've been off i'm so glad I have been on it since. I was moody real bad had no sex drive and gained a ton of water weight which sucks as a woman. I've had my thyroid tested and there's really nothing wrong I just get Long periods that last 11 to 12 days. It's so strange I know my cycle very well once I hit 6 days in which is today I know it's halfway through because I have heavy bleeding and cramping. Ugh and then it starts to go away is after. It's just annoying and sucks last so long because the anticipation of getting back into sex to try for that baby just kills both of us for all those days 😜