Male infertility in late 20's

Jenny • Late 20's. TTC #1 Recovering from 2nd miscarriage at 6-7 weeks.
Both my husband and I are healthy and in our late 20's. We've been trying for over a year with one very early miscarriage.
We had all the infertility tests done. Everything on my end came back normal (day 3, HSG, sonogram etc). We just got the results of his semen analysis back yesterday and it wasn't great - low motility (25%), barely ok count (20M) and morphology (4%). I was so quick to blame myself - so this outcome was a bit unexpected. 
He has to go repeat the test next week. He's not an outwardly emotional guy, but I can tell this was a blow. I think he feels like it's his fault, though we know that's not the case. I think he also feels bad he has to put me through treatment. 
It's really hard to know what to say to him to make him feel better. If you husband had male factor infertility, how did he handle it? Any suggestions? 
Our doctor will likely start us on IUI/Clomid next month. Any success stories for make infertility issues?