Fetal Maternal Medicine

Figured I'd give you an update. I have had extreme bouts of bleeding and clots. Turns out baby is somehow still fine through it all. I love my little fighter. I go see a perinatalogist this afternoon (high risk also known as fetal maternal medicine) which is fitting because I had anothe bout this morning. I was in the ER with the most blood I ever had on Sunday  and they found another bleed in my uterus called a Perrigestational hemorrhage, which I think is the same thing I had before (called subchorionic hematoma). It's taking everything in me to not head back to the ER right now and wait for this appointment at 1 pm. I have been on bed rest for two weeks, went back to work for three days and I have been off again this whole week. It's so scary. Hope you are all doing much better.