Don't know how to approach it...!

So Iv been married nearly a year now and it's all plain sailing. We have a lot of fun together and we don't go past 3 day without BD unless AF is paying a visit. Now the problem is he sucks at kissing. He's like a Hoover. Urgh. Really im not even exaggerating. He's a proper mans man so U don't want to hurt his feelings by saying he sucks at kissing (quite literally oh the irony). Anyhow the thing that shocked me the most last night after we BD he said 'I love kissing U, the way we kiss turns me on so much it's better than when U give me a BJ' my face was like .😳 The kissing is so terrible, I used be the kinda girl if U kiss me right im wet and wanting U more than ever but kissing doesn't do that to me with him. However he's good in other ways and always turns me on. But I enjoy kissing and I love him millions and wish he could kiss me the way I want to me kissed. I don't know how to tell him to slow down and keep his tongue in his own mouth for 1 sec whilst we are kissing. Even now just thinking about it put me off. Don't know what to do kissing is a huge part of a marriage not just whilst BD but just making out it nice and always appreciated. What should I do?