Do I count this as spotting or my period?

This might be TMI. I ended the pill in February at the end of a pack. Right after I had a period and I know it wasn't just breakthrough bleeding because it was heavy and about the length of a normal period. 
Then the day my period was due this month (3/17), I had some light bleeding. It was dark brown and didn't come until late evening. I thought it was AF but it never got heavier. In fact it was so light for the next two or three days that I wore a panty liner and it wasn't even necessary. I had one day of no bleeding and then last Saturday (3/20) my period started all at once and heavy. It was awful. I was miserable. Awful cramps and exhaustion and bloated. And it was heavy for days. It finally calmed down on Tuesday when it seemed to just be more of a normal medium flow. Yesterday (Thursday) it seemed to have stopped. I had a couple spots but that was it (dark brown spots again) I was very frisky so we did the BD and afterwards I was bleeding again. It was bright red blood and mostly just there when I wiped but stuck around for a little and I put on a panty liner. 
This morning I woke up and I'm STILL bleeding. A little cramping too. 
I can't even say how extremely tired of this I am. I never remember it lasting this long. And I have no idea weather to put the original light bleeding as spotting or AF to track ovulation days? Also I don't understand why I'm STILL bleeding?! 
I would guess after being on the pill for 5+ Years it would take time for my hormones to regulate and even out. But I am beyond frustrated. Help??

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