Just got my bfp

Well I'm thrilled but so freaked out at the same time. I have been with my bf for 11 months and to be honest I didn't think he was able to have kids. (He's an alcoholic to the extreme) we have been fighting non stop the past few months. He is always threatening to leave. I am 7 days late and for 2 days I had light spotting. And today when I came home from work I said forget I'll just take the test. And well right away that test line was clearly there. All I wanted to do was tell him. I sat there and cried and called the bar to ask him to come home to talk to me. He said I know your pregnant congrats. Said he would be home in 30 I fell asleep and then 2 hours later he called to say he was going to get a hotel room for the night and he will be home in the morning. I'm so frustrated. This is something we have been both wanting and talking about since we started dating. Now he is acting like it's not even his. So here is to night one of knowing and no more smokes being alone with my two dogs.