Rainbow baby is coming


Let have a baby today!! Wasn't due until the 23 but after 3 questionable NST we decided to be induced Monday night. After 2 doses of cytotec and Pitocin all night I made zero progress. My Dr said I could go home, have a c section, and start the cytotec again last night and re start the Pit today. That's the option I went with. Today still no progress. Apparently my cervix is so posterior, the nurses and dr could barely reach it. My Dr is awesome and has come 3 times a day to check on me. Still no progress so I could go home and wait, or do the c section today. I didn't know what choice was the right choice. I never wanted to have a c section but I just didn't want to leave here with out my baby especially after her hr had been so off the last week. So today at lunch he checked and I was between 1-2 cm and he was finally able to break my water. THANK GOD! So now it's just a waiting game until our rainbow baby girl is here with us!!