2 weeks postpartum


Had my little girl two weeks ago, and I'm just counting the days until I feel like myself again. I'm tired of bleeding, being overweight, exhausted, and a bit sad. I can't wait to get the okay to workout, and get my hormones back to normal, and not feel like crap. It's weird when I'm around my babies I'm so overwhelmed with love but showers, driving, or when they are asleep I'm flooded with overthinking and sadness. My partner has not turned out to be what I expected him to, and I keep telling myself he's stressed with work and just let him be. I'm afraid of the term postpartum depression. I just moved to a new state with my partner and literally have no one out here but him and our two children. Every friend I've had has stopped talking to me after I moved and got pregnant. I have no one at all to talk to but him, but he's in an entire different world right now with opening up new businesses. The part that sucks is he doesn't seem to notice or care that I'm not myself. He's ALWAYS on his phone, and I keep wondering how to get him back to our world. I needed a little rant. Anyone else going through this