I have hpv???


So I got a call from my doctors office this afternoon. The nurse tells me that my pap results came in and I was free of any STDs, and these 2 strains came back negative but 1 strain came back showing abnormal results. something about cells in my cervix, then mentions hpv and how it is in my system. how they want to check on me next year instead of waiting 3 years for next pap, because they want to make sure the cells haven't turned cancerous. explaining to me that hpv can stem into cervical cancer. honestly my mind is so fucked right now idk what to think or do. all I have done is read article after article on hpv. whats this all mean if i don't have to see them till next year? if I have job shouldn't I be testing further or on medicine or something. I don't know how to even explain this to my boyfriend of 10 years who wants to marry me. now I feel a mixture of emotions, dirty, betrayed. etc. I know I could've had this for years as well as him. But of course I think well did he cheat on me, why have all my tests in the past been fine but not now. Anywho I'll stfu I just need some education or advice bc I'm confused and scared. Sorry for the grammatical errors but I'm typing this in the dark under my blanket in bed and I'm too lazy to fix anything.