Men are assholes lol

Have you guys ever had a man turn into someone completely different? This guy I've known almost 2yrs, kinda dated, felt like I loved(but maybe that was just the passion),have amazing chemistry with texted me 2 days ago calling me a bitch multiple times, a ho, told me I'm worthless, will never be anything etc. All because I told his "gf" he had sex with me while they were together. Now I'm not innocent in this situation but I never insulted him. I'm just in shock that someone that I have these happy cute memories with talked to me like that. And what's even worse is that although I know he's bad for me, I still kinda miss him. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?

I also wanna add that this man isn't allowed to date. Due to his religion and culture, his family will disown him, probably beat him. And especially not allowed to date outside his race