tw: suicide topic & hitting.

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I need to vent... Sunday night my boyfriend attempted to take his life. I called 911 and he went to the hospital. he is currently at an inpatient place and will be released hopefully tomorrow. his dad is a huge issue.... my boyfriend has said multiple times that his dad guilt trips him and makes him feel bad about himself when he tries to talk about his depression. his dad says stupid shit like "just get over it" "people have it worse" ect. while he was in the hospital his dad literally said "we're always here for you....even though you never call us" and in the past couple of days I got some information for these classes for loved ones of someone with mental illnesses, today after visiting with my boyfriend I left to go to his dad's house to drop off the pamphlet. his dad asked what is was again and I explained again. I started explaining why it's important and his dad cut me off saying "I've always been there for logan. I don't need some stupid class" I said "I never said you weren't there. I just think you need help understanding depression and everything that comes along with it" and he then starts with "well he wasnt like this before you came along" (he was diagnosed in 2014. we started dating in 2016) and he said "this is your fucking fault" he said "you're the reason he tried to kill himself" and "I haven't seen him in over a month and because of you he did this" he then calls me a cunt, a bitch, stupid, lazy and a whore. he cornered me and I slapped his coffee out of his hand because my brain freaks out when I'm cornered. I shouldn't have slapped the coffee but he then fucking hits me in the fucking face.... I just can't.. how do I tell my boyfriend? when do I tell my boyfriend??? he will be released tomorrow and I don't think it's a good thing to tell him tomorrow.... what the fuck do I do???? I called police the documented but not much else...sorry if this is in the wrong group. :/