The 2 Week Wait

The hubs and I have been trying for quite a few years now. We are actually now into the 2 week wait after our 2nd cycle of <a href="">IUI</a> Treatment with Clomid. I apparently respond VERY favorably to the Clomid despite having to endure the many side effects while also trying to self-regulate my anxiety and depression as well as my ADD as I have been taken off of all my maintenance medications as a "just in case". We are not permitted to test until 14dpiui, which will be on the 30th. Any tips for surviving the 2 Week Wait? We are only doing 3 rounds of <a href="">IUI</a>, so I'm afraid ro hope this will work, though the studies show that <a href="">IUI</a> is actually fairly effective for couples like us. Any tips on surviving this 2 week wait to help us keep our sanity would be REALLY appreciated!