Not sure???

So I've been doing the ovulation test strips, this is my first time using them, so I started using them 2 days before this app told me I was in my fertile week and nothing. I really didn't expect anything then on the first day of my fertile week I saw a faint line same with the next, then yesterday it was a dark line. Darker then the control line. I showed my husband and told him that today would be the best day to get busy. Due to a yeast infection we can't do it right now. So today while I was at work I've been feeling a little off and on my way back in from lunch I got this REALLY sharp pain in my left pelvic right at about hip level, was that my body releasing an egg? Would yesterday not have been a good day to TTC? How do I know when I can TTC? This is all so confusing. If it was my body did release an egg is it normal to feel a little nauseous or could that just be my nerves cuz I don't know what's going on? Please help