What it's your opinion on teen pregnancy?

So I was a teen mother I had my first baby at 16 and my second at 17. I remember always being judged for being a teen mother an I went through depression from it. I am currently pregnant with baby #3 an I'll give birth at 19 everyone tends to think I'm getting pregnant just to get money from the government which isn't true I don't get any help from the government. Everyone tells me I'm to young to have 3 children let alone one it drives me crazy. I've been married since I was 16 an we just found out I'm pregnant like a week ago an we've pretty much got everything expect baby clothes (we are waiting on the gender before buying clothes.) It completely drives me insane people judge me for being young with kids when I take care of my babies just like any 30 year old. Why judge a teen mother if you don't know her or anything about her?