Nursing in public


So this is my second baby but my first to breastfeed ( I tried with my son but there were too many complications and it was best for him to go on formula). I anticipated that I'd be formula feed my second baby as well, but turns out she's been great at latching and my supply has been good enough to keep her satisfied. She is just over a month old now and I'm wanting to be able to go out some now. I live about 35 min from most everything so I'm nervous about her getting fussy while we are out because she is hungry. The couple of times we've gone to the grocery store I nurse her right before we leave but I know I'll only get about 30-45 min of shopping fine before she gets hungry. I've had to nurse her in the parking lot before, but even with the school on it gets hard and I don't feel good about letting s car idle that long. Anyway, long story short, I'm really nervous about having to nurse her in public, I'm pretty shy and modest, but if it comes to my fear over feeding baby, I'm going to feed her. I bought a cover to use st the house when my folks or unless stop by. I'm just wondering how y'all got over it and just have been able to nurse in public. Do you try to find secluded places? Or do you just say "baby is hungry so im going to feed them and everyone can just mind their own". I think the first time I have to nurse at target or something I'll get over it. I'm just worried about someone saying something :/