Little help with husband advice

Ok, I am 13 weeks prego. I went threw a misscharage on November 20th of last year.
 My husband is a fire fighter, and he is always gone. Today he came home for the first time in two and a half days. I saw just by looking at him he had a chip on his shoulder. I paid no attention to it. 
With that said I have been feeling really depressed lately hardly eating due to nothing appeals to me, and I'm sad cuz it's getting closer to the due date of my last child we lost. I still haven't fully coped with that loss. I kind of just set it aside. Now it's coming back. 
Well my husband came at me today saying that I make him hate me cuz of my insecurities. Mind you im in a high risk pregneacy and unable to please my husband for the full term. And I'm the biggest i ever been. So then he goes on by being up my past and throwing it in my face and insulting me and calling me names. As he was storming out the door he said he rather pay child support than to deal with me..... My heart broke into millions of pieces as he slammed the door. I'm very scared and trying not to cry to much I don't wanna stress out my body. On top of that I'm not supposed to work but finacially we can't afford that. So I been working. I am a bartender working long hrs and always on my feet. I come home sore and unable to move the next day. He does nothing besides complain what I didn't do around the house. And ask why it's not done. I'm lost and I don't know what to do. I'm scared and I feel that he abanded us.