My Baby Announcement ♥️


I am 20 Weeks and 5 days and I am a working Tattoo artist ♥️ I have currently an 11 year old son and this is my second pregnancy and it feels like starting all over again 😳😍 But were all very excited I definitely wanted another

I started telling family members and close friends the good news in person only

I wanted to wait to post on social media just because I wanted to wait until I was a little more pregnant Looking lol 😂 Im a thicker woman and now in my 5th month i feel like maybe I'll just be a soft stomach pregnant and I should probably just Announce before I go any further

I wasn't sure how I wanted to Announce I was going to do the basic big brother holding the ultrasound and 'We're expecting' note

But then I had an epiphany 🙌🏼

So I decided to draw with Sharpie on my son the message across his stomach as if he was Tattooed 😂🙌🏼


I even made a Video of the process and it was so fun and original

I figured we'll if anyone could do an announcement like this it could be us lol ♥️

On my IG @adriennemichelle_art