Finally decided to embrace my mommy body


So I've posted before and your probably tired of seeing me post ! Lol . But I have worked out for i dont know how long now .. I have a hard tummy now but my skin is still lose so you can't see it ! I have noticed a difference in my body .. but I still think I look ugly .. well I've decided the other day that my body isn't ugly anymore the lose skin . I have I'm glad I have it to a point .. but I'm so glad to have my son and watching him grow !! I will never be down to my previous size but I feel like I've accomplished something I never have before and that's loving my body ! I always hated it yes I was wish I was skinnier and also wish I was skinner before I was pregnant (actually was at an unhealthy weight) but I love my body and what it has given me ! Also embarrassing my new butt/thighs !