Very worried...

Brooke • Hello all. My name is Brooke. My husband and I have been TTC #2. We are older and had many years trying for our daughter Ada. We hope it is God's plan for another baby.

Hello ladies, I'm 7 +1 and I have an 11 month old... I'm still breastfeeding. I read about two weeks ago to double up on my prenatal. Didn't question the information and started doing so thinking I was doing the right thing for my baby and my daughter. Now I've been reading it can be very harmful.

I'm extremely nervous and have just moved to a new state and have not seen our new dr for this pregnancy.

I drink a very good amount of water and walk everyday at least 3-4 miles... I'm not sure this even matters, I'm so concerned.

Does anyone have any advice or thoughts? I'd truly appreciate any insight. Than you