Pregnancy Depression


While I'm 27 weeks pregnant I find myself in a slump. Don't get me wrong I'm so very excited and happy to be having a baby. For I have always wanted to be a mom. However, I find myself getting depressed over all the emotions running through my body and feeling sick constantly. I had HG for many many weeks and didn't leave my house unless it was to go to the hospital for fluids and meds multiple times a week. I was fine my second trimester but as soon as the third rolled around I started feeling sick and puking again and I can't help but be scared as to what I had just went through. I never want to leave the house, I never want to go out and do anything. I just want to sit at home and cry most of the time. None of my family understands because they have all had pregnancies that were fine and they never got sick. I just can't keep it bottled up anymore.