do yo think this is it?

I and my boyfriend has been together for 4 weeks and he's lived with me 2 days before we got together, 2 nights a go I chucked my dog out of my room because I don't allow my dog in there and he started saying I was jealous of my dog, I then tried giving him an hug and he called me needy so I sat with my friend and he went in a mood and said that he was leaving and packed his stuff, I tried stopping him from leaving to which he pushed me away so I walked out leaving him to pack his things. He then left and I tried looking for him I've also spent the past two days looking for him (he hasn't got a phone as it broke) today I seen him and I wanted to talk, we spoke for about 5 minutes and he said that he wanted space and that I acted really childish, I offered him the rest of his things and he asked what they were so I said clothes etc and he said no not yet? He then left and went back in the shop (he helps a friend there) we then spoke again to which he said that he just wants time away and things and that he wanted a peaceful Sunday, I really don't know what to do or say anymore! I've sent him the following messages which he won't be able to read yet. I love the boy I really do but I'm absolute heartbroken and I just need a straight answer! Do you think that he does only want time away and then sort things or that this is his way of ending things? 
Sorry it's so long and thanks for any replies!!
What can I say or do to make things right?
EDIT: we were going to get together last year but we stopped talking, I'm also his first relationship in about 4 years +
He hasn't been able to look me in the eyes or nothing and once he was told that I'd only try for so long before giving up and saying fuck him because he didn't want to know when I did his face dropped and he said he'd message me when he gets a new phone in a few days
I just want him back mannn💔 
EDIT: I know 4 weeks isn't long but it is when you've waited a year for it to happen!!