Confused and emotional

Inlaws don't give respect! Husband is always given the priority . Feel as if I don't exist in this family. Brother in law and sis in law always call him and ask him to catch up to the extent my name is not even mentioned. Husband says don't get me into all this ! I answer back. Have tried few time but no change. Husband says lets go meet them inspitr of saying that I'm not asked to be a part of any gathering , says it's understood that ur invited but whenever I talk to them they will specifically say we want out brother to come as if he's never been married in these last 5 years. .keep crying on this feeling of being left out and no respect from anyone as if I'm a dumb show piece ! Finally told husband that he can go for all these gathering I am not going to be a part of it. Am I dealing with this correctly coz I feel they will never change !help