Ovulation discouragement

Starting to feel discouraged. I use clear blue advanced and got high fertility on Sunday and 5 days later I am still at high. My cervix feels soft but not open. I'm starting to worry I won't ovulate. I know that everyone is different and you can get several days of high fertility before peak (I had 5 last month and got peak at end of 5th day). I tested twice today already and still had high but maybe it was too early. We bd last night with preseed but just worried the big o won't visit and it was pointless. We've been dieting and exercising this past month to the point where we have both lost weight and it made my long irregular cycle begin earlier (which is good). Just worried my lifestyle change shocked my reproductive system and may cause me not to ovulate this month. I'm hoping everyone else is having a better month! Has anyone  been or is in this same place?