Misogynistic d***

The most misogynistic dick I know is one of my husband's military friends. He started dating a high schooler in the town he was stationed in. Told her he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She was 17, he was 21. He would come over to our house and talk about all the women who cheated on him and broke his heart back in the day...then told us about the hot chick he was skyping back home. He broke up with the high schooler a day after prom. Then he got lucky and was stationed back home where he immediately started dating the Skype girl. Then he dumped her and spends his days crying on Facebook about how women are cruel and unfaithful. I honestly can't believe people like him really exist. He cheats on every girl he dates but has the gall to say women are unfaithful to him. I don't even know.