Advice for coping


My unborn baby's well being is my only priority. I'm 11 weeks 3 days.

My relationship with my husband is amazing! It's honestly better than I could ask for.

We currently live with my parents, in the downstairs portion of the house.

We decided on that because my husband had substantial debt which prevented us from getting approved for any rentals...

My parents offered to let us live here, rent free. We help with groceries when we can and do household chores. I have severe anxiety and depression, I can monitor it pretty well usually. But it does keep me from having a job currently. Having 2 previous miscarriages I'm very scared this pregnancy and try to avoid any anxiety what so ever. DH works 8 hour shifts 6 days a week.

We were encouraged to set up payment plans for all his credit cards at once, then take care of a power bill in his name and some medical bills that have gone to collections. We have payments set up for 3 credit cards which will be paid off in August. Unfortunately, that leaves us with 20 dollars after bills next month.

Once I set up the payments, my mother and brother started acting toward me like they never have before. My mother has always been manipulative and bipolar but never like this! My brother is a teenager and is in a stage of his life where his shit don't stink and you better just leave him alone.

3 days in a row my mother and I have gotten into arguments which lead to me having an ugly anxiety attack. Before that it was about once a week.

My brother pushed me into the counter yesterday (my belly facing the counter), when I tried to talk about my problem with this I was called a liar and told I'm just overly sensitive. I'm afraid of this affecting my baby negatively.

Like I said I don't have the money to move out until May at the very soonest.

Therefore I need to be able to cope until then at least.

Does anyone have advice on how I can focus on my baby, and not let this negativity in my life throw me into anxiety and depression? I'm quite desperate...I don't want to lose this baby. I thought I could trust my family.