Heartbroken... 💔 its NOT fair!!! Why not me???

Stephanie • 21...and taken by the greatest man ever
I just found out that my friend is having a baby.... And I feel crushed... Hurt... Emotional... My SO and I have been TTC and nothing yet... And I was so sure this was the month but I got a negative HPT... I have been literally crying my eyes out since I saw that negative test... When will it be my turn to post ultrasound pictures of my little one? When will I get to make those Dr appointments??? When will I be able to tell my SO that he's going to be a dad???? When will it be my turn to have a little one of my own??? I want to hear the first heart beat... Feel the flutters... I want it all... But I can't seem to get pregnant... I've done EVERYTHING right but yet nothing... And people who don't even deserve kids become pregnant... I'm tired of all these disappointments... I'm ready for my happy ending... Or maybe I'll just give up because it doesn't look promising...(learn more on Glow: https://glowing.com)