Trying not to cry

Tiffany • Mother of a handsome , bright 3 year son. And married to my best friend my high school sweetheart Ttc #2.

I'm trying not to cry . My heart is so heavy . I just got back from the dr. And I'm not pregnant . This cycle of clomid has failed me yet again. We are now on to the 19th mnth of trying to concive baby #2. My dr was out of office today so I met with a different one who has recommended me to go see the specialist who got her pregnant and talk about <a href="">iui</a> . Can't say I'm happy about this . This has been a long journey of fails . And I'm so sad. And I am truly feeling hopeless . I was hoping it wasn't going to lead to something of this degree . But it has . And I'm nerves heart broken and just feeling over all defeated .

Has anyone out here take clomid along side and done <a href="">iui</a>.

Please share . I'm feeling hopeless.