Second chances? Serious advice needed

Positive uplifting comments only please. I don't need to hear any " don't even try" comments. My situation is far from a lost cause & I really just need some positivity in my life right now.
My ex & I have a lot to talk about & work on. Nothing that can't be fixed of course but their issues none the less. We're both stubborn & he especially. I don't want to change him or change anything about him I just want to fix the relationship & get us back to being happy again. So yall I need some advice from those of you who have been there before, I want him back but I also want to give him his space. What do I do ladies? I'm beyond confused & frustrated. I want things to be right, I just feel so lost. We've seen eachother twice since the breakup one we agreed to & the other completely by accident the agreed upon time was emotional & he reacted to his feelings & the accidental time he seemed happy to see me if that helps at all.