Girls I need help!!

I been in a long distance relationship for about 1 year n 3 moths.. we been having some comunication problems he has a busy schedule bc of track season plus his phone broke is in the process of being fix but is taking forever n even when he had his phone we didn't text much or even talk on the phone when we could talk we would ft but even tho ft sound better I still wanted the random calls n the text... so I tried my best to put my wishes to the side.. but I'm tired of it... I need my bf to be around... it's not a relationship when we don't talk for a few days.. -.- we haven't spoken since monday! Today I kinda made a mistake n let a friend cross the line.. . we hugged in ways that only couples do, hanged around for about 2 hr together... the guy was hard right before I left but we didn't do anything! Lol I consider that cheating I wouldn't want my bf doing that with another girl... people are telling m3 to leave him.. but the other guy has a ex they just recently broke up n he has been having a hard time... he liked her a lot... I'm not trying to be a rebound but at the same time I liked what happend today it made me happy. But my parents won't accept him they like my current bf a lot he is a great guy idk what to do!!!! HELP!!#!#