Leaving a Relationship for Someone Else

Should I feel badly about wanting to leave my boyfriend for someone I've known and have been best friends with for over 5 years? Firstly, my boyfriend and I will have only been together 4 months on the 12th. We virtually know very little about each other and he gets jealous of my male friends. Spiritually, I don't feel like he and I have a great enough connection. And, I'd never usually do this, but he left his Facebook page up on my computer, I got curious and started scrolling through his messages. I was horrified when I found out he was calling some other girl his "Nubian Queen." She goes to school with us! They constantly keep in contact every single day and talk like they're lovers. They even pretend like nothing is happening when I'm around. Back to my friend. I've seen him go through bad relationships. He's been cheated on, lied to, and betrayed by love. And he'd never do that to someone else. I'm his confidant and he's mine. Whenever we're together, hanging out, I feel free because he knows everything about me. I'm free to be myself around him. I do admit I love him, even more so in love with him. We've talked about being in a relationship before, but we were afraid it would tarnish our preexisting friendship. Now, we feel like we're strong enough in our friendship that if we do not work out we'll still be friends. Any advice would be helpful.