Hyperemesis please help!!

Hello I am suffering from hyperemesis. This is my first pregnancy. I am 26 years old and it was unplanned as I was headed elsewhere with my life career wise. However, I took it as a blessing. I'm 411 and weight 90 lbs as of now. I'm 7 weeks and last week I was in the hospital after vomiting over 15 times and not even being able to hold down any fluids including water. I was then prescribed zofran which seemed to be working well. The only issue is that I do not think I will get another prescription unless o land in the ER again and it is the only thing that seems to work. I tried other suggestions made by medical advisors and my days would end in over 15 times of vomiting everytime. All I do is cry and lay in bed. When I try to be strong a fight through my vomiting becomes more aggressive. I use to walk my dog and I can no longer do that. I can't work. Even with the zofran it helps suppress my nausea but I still vomit. It just isn't as bad. Everyone tells me to eat saltines. I've tried it all sea bands, ginger gums, change in diet, walking in the morning, laying in bed longer. I'm so depressed because even when I try to suck it up I am worst. I'm afraid for the weeks to come. Does anyone have any coping strategies I could try? Please and thank you. I  have family support, but no spousal support.