Silly little fears

Have you ever had a fear from the time you were a child? And you don't know how you got it, when it started, but you are terrified of it now? Well I had a face to face with mine tonight! So I feel into a beautiful sleep about 4 and a half hours ago. Only to be suddenly woke by stomach cramps and nausea. I ran to the bathroom as quick as I could. Projectile vomiting with such force I actually got AF. But what's worse is as I looked down at the floor as I went to turn around, starting to pull my bottoms down to pee, and there was this big, dark, hairy spider inches from my bare feet. The thing was HUGE! Ever tried to pull your pj bottoms up, hold in your puke and pee all while trying to jump onto the toilet seat and screaming for help? Im now back in bed, but I'm fighting the urge to be sick again because I'm terrified that di*ck of a spider might have friends who want revenge! 
What are your fears? Am I really stupid to be a grow woman of 27 who can be drawn to tears by the presence of a spider? Ehhh I hate this time of year! Bring back winter 😢😢😢😢😢