Headache after orgasm???

Kristen • Married.. We have a 7 year old daughter and TTC!

My husband and I were having sex and right after I orgasmed ...I got severe pain the back my head, like I was hit with a hammer..I immediately laid down and started crying and sweating profusely..

It was terrifying, the worst headache I've ever had! The severe pain lasted about 5 minutes. Now its just throbbing, like a dull pain. If I put my hand on the back of my head I can feel he throbbing.

My Dad passed away just last year from a stroke at age 50.. last thing he said to me he was describing the same sudden onset headache, like hit with a hammer pain at the base of his neck.. it lasted days before he went to the doctor and it went downhill from there.

Should I automatically be considered of the same thing or wait and see what happens?

Of course if it gets worse or other symptoms I'll get checked. But has this happened to anyone else? Can it just be excitement?


trying not to freak out.